Film Seekers is a London-based international sales agency, currently acquiring 6-8 films a year, focusing on English-language commercially driven feature films. Working with new and established filmmakers alike, assisting from script development to distribution, the company has established itself as a specialist in uplifting feelgood dramas and elevated genre films. Recent successes include Edie, released theatrically worldwide, The Witch in the Window, a festival favourite sold on multi-territory deals worldwide and most recently Love Sarah which presold to more than 50 countries worldwide for theatrical releases.





After working in feature film production in Hollywood on movies starring Rob Schneider, David Carradine, Jennifer Morrison, Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley, Steve Buscemi, to name but only a few, Caroline chose to come back to Europe and relocate to London in 2008 as Director of Development & Marketing at Seven Arts Pictures.
In 2011, she joined AV Pictures where she gained invaluable knowledge in deal structuring from the company’s founder, Vic Bateman.
In May 2014, she launched Metrodome International, the international sales arm of the Metrodome Group handling a wide range of feature films from third party producers to in-house productions.
She then left Metrodome to launch her own company, Truffle Pictures, a London based international sales agency and production house, in 2016, and subsequently Film Seekers Ltd since February 2018.
Caroline is a French native based in London who speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. She holds two post-graduate master degrees one in Chemistry from the University of Versailles and the second one in Business Management from the University of Bordeaux.

She is a member of BAFTA and sits on the board of two major lobbying associations: Film Export UK and the Independent Film and Television Alliance.

Edin Mujovic

Edin Mujovic

Edin graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in Film & TV Development, and obtained, prior, an MBA in international businesses.

Edin started working in Hollywood as International Sales and Acquisition Coordinator for agencies such as Myriad Pictures and Highland Film Group before coming back to France in 2019 to join Wild Bunch International as International Sales & Marketing assistant.

Seeking more creative freedom and control, he now decides to join Film Seekers as International Sales an Acquisition Coordinator. To name a few, Edin worked on projects such as Oscar nominated 2019 “Les Miserables”, Palme d’Or 2018
“Shoplifters” and the third instalment to the horror classic Jeepers Creepers series.

Those experiences coupled with his cultural background (half French, half Croatian) gave him an eye for international sales, allowing him to quickly understand the basic needs of distributors, making all in his power to provide matching features and help offer you the content you want.

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer joined Film Seekers as Head of International Servicing from Truffle Pictures in October 2016 where she headed International Servicing for over two years.

Prior to joining Truffle Pictures, Jennifer worked for Metrodome Group where for almost 4 years she headed up both International and UK Distribution operations and servicing. She worked on films such as Frances Ha, White God, Mommy and Tangerine.

Previous to Metrodome, Jennifer worked for over 6 years at Content Media Corporation where she was liaising with producers and filmmakers to deliver film assets to international distributors on a variety of films including Black Book, Fish Tank, Outpost and The Pact.

Riaya Aboul Ela

Riaya Aboul Ela

Riaya is a marketing and public relations executive who started her own consultant agency in 2007, having previously worked with US and UK based international sales agents and distributors - Pathe Picture International, BBC Films, Tartan Films, Focus Features International, eOne International, The Little Film Company, and more. Riaya had handled award-winning, internationally renowned films and programming across all genres and budgets.

She has extensive expertise developing and implementing film festival strategies, distribution and publicity plans and developing full campaign assets

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