June Again


June had a violent stroke which brought her to a care home with dementia.
When she suddenly wakes up, she only remembers the life she left behind 5 years ago.
Knowing her lucidity is temporary, she has no time to waste. She escapes the care home and heads straight to her house only to find that another family has moved in.

Torn between the joy and happiness of having her back and the fear of her judgement, her daughter and son tiptoe around her, not revealing truly what is going on. She soon finds out that her daughter has lost control of the wallpaper family business, her son divorced his lovely wife and did not graduate as an architect, instead working in a copy-shop.

With little time left, she takes matters into her own hands and sets herself to put everyone back on track. But what if, what they really need is not her middling with their life but simply being there for them, and giving them what they missed the most: the love of their mother?
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  • Runtime

    99 min

  • Status


  • Director

    JJ Winlove

  • Producers

    Michael Pontin

    Jamie Hilton

    Drew Bailey

  • Cast

    Noni Hazlehurst

    Claudia Karvan

    Stephen Curry

June Again
June Again