Quest for the Silver Pearl


While staying at his grandfather’s Scottish castle, a wild adopted boy, Josh, learns of the legendary Silver Pearl which is rumouredto have healing power. When his grandfather has a sudden seizure, Josh secretly sets out to find the Pearl and is followed by his younger sister Rose.


Guided by clues from their grandfather’s research and pursued by their anxious parents - Greg and Anna - the children find themselves on a thrilling quest to uncover a perilous mystery.


As they journey, the family are hunted by mysterious men who, they discover, are the dangerous water-horse beings of Scottish legend, known as Kelpies. One Kelpie, Voran, confesses that he is Josh’s true father and urges him to come home to live with the Kelpies. Josh refuses to believe it and so, to force the boy to follow him, Voran kidnaps Rose.


Josh and his parents pursue Voran to a loch. In a cavern beneath it Josh locates the Silver Pearl, which has been cursed by the oppressive Kelpie ruler, Karec, who Voran is plotting to overthrow. As Karec grows ever more menacing and time runs out to save the children’s grandfather, Josh has a battle to fight that will change everything.

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    United Kingdom

  • Runtime

    TBC min

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  • Director

    Philip Todd

  • Producer

    John Walkinshaw

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Quest for the Silver Pearl