The Mysterious Death of Lord Harrington


1940s Malta. When Lord Harrington is brutally killed by a frighteningly wolf-like animal after announcing to his board his decision to disband his company, his daughter Elizabeth suspects murder.

Appointed head the company, Elizabeth invites the board to the will reading at Harrington's mansion. Lord Harrington reveals having been assassinated, believing one of them to be a werewolf. Elizabeth, a non-believer yet intent on finding the truth, ensures that no one can leave the island, coincidently during the full moon cycle.

Tension, manipulation and suspicion gets everyone on edge. With secrets to protect and their professional future in jeopardy, the guests soon turn on each other.

When they get killed one by one, Elizabeth starts to believe her father was right. Surrounded by foes and with a beast on the loose, she will need to quickly figure out who the killer is if she wants to survive.

  • Genre

    Murder Mystery

  • Language


  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Runtime

    TBC min

  • Status


  • Director

    Danny Patrick

  • Producer

    Alison Fenton

  • Cast