If Only She Knew







Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller


Blood Conscious

Elevated Horror


The Mercator Trail

Family Action-Adventure


June Again

Feel-Good Drama


Love Sarah

Uplifting Drama


What we do

Film Seekers is a London-based international sales agency, currently acquiring 6-8 films a year, focusing on English-language commercially driven feature films. Working with new and established filmmakers alike, assisting from script development to distribution, the company has established itself as a specialist in uplifting feel-good dramas and elevated genre films. Recent successes include Edie and feel-good drama Love Sarah, which were both released theatrically worldwide, The Witch in the Window, an elevated genre festival favourite that sold on multi-territory deals worldwide, and most recently, last year’s Box Office Smash June Again, which was nominated for four Academy Awards in Australia.

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Due to the number of submissions we receive, we have strict criteria which will allow us to assess projects effıciently.