If Only She Knew


When Mia opens her own flower shop purely on intuition she ends up literally meeting the man of her dreams.

35-year-old Mia wants to turn her life around. She has a desire to have a family but does not see that happening in the near future. In a dream, she sees herself living a different life, running her own flower shop, surrounded by friends, with the love of her life and their child.

Following her intuition, she starts the adventure of opening her flower shop, with the help of Viola – surprisingly like she dreamed of. Now, only her prince is missing to complete the picture. Thanks to her flawless intuition, she always knows which flowers suit which customer, sometimes before they even ask, and her business becomes a success. Her special gift allows her to help people.

She soon meets the owner of the food truck across the street, the firey Feo. Mia is convinced he is her dream man and they must be together. A romance ensues. But Mia also meets her landlord, the much more reserved Axel, who is in love with her. She is torn between the two men. When Feo spontaneously takes her to Paris, this seems to confirm their love, but he doesn’t want to commit. Slowly it starts to gnaw at her. Is it Feo or is it Axel? Axel is fascinated by her special gift, which Feo has more and more trouble with. Will her gift ultimately help her choose?







Run Time

94 min




Jamel Aattache


Frank Groenveld
Wilco Wolfers


Sigrid ten Napel
Steef de Bot
Tarikh Janssen